Minutes from the WPNS meeting

held at Mount Lebanon United Methodist Church

on Tuesday December 6, 2016

The President, Corleen Chesonis called the meeting to order at 7:50 pm.

Minutes of the previous meeting

There were no minutes from the previous meeting to approve, since Rich Crosby who was note taker that day, was absent.

There were no minutes taken at the November 1st meeting, since it was the Annual WPNS Banquet.

The minutes from the October meeting will be presented for approval in January.

Treasurer's report

There was no treasurer's report read during November meeting (banquet). Larry Hufnagel presented the current report for November (including the WPNS banquet reimbursement). Bank statement attached.

Committee reports

There were no other committee reports


Since Richard Crosby was absent there was no report on the sent/received correspondence.

Old business

Ed Krivoniak asked about the progress on the printing of the 2017 membership cards. Corleen responded that she had everything under control.

New business

Ed suggested reimbursing Tom Uram for his expense of buying extra cord for the club’s projector. Motion was voted. We unanimously agreed to pay Tom back.

Anticipating Tom’s reluctance to accept payment, Mike Drabick suggested to purchase a gift card in lieu of money. And again the vote was unanimous to accept this suggestion.

Action: Ed will purchase the gift card and deliver to Tom.

Ed suggested a coordinated order from all members interested in purchasing collectors trays and place it as an organization to get a more favorable discount. Gilbert pointed out that equally advantageous would be ordering during the FAN Show to take advantage of the dealer‘s discount. Corleen suggested to get all the information we can before we start getting orders from interested members.

Action: Ed will pursue the issue with the vendor he had recently worked with and see what kind of discount WPNS could get.

Since Mike’s wife always bakes treats we enjoy during the meeting, every year we thank her with a gift card. We voted to purchase for her $50 gift card from a local store Gloria Horn.

Action: Ed was charged with purchasing the gift card.

Charles Culleiton announced passing away of the fellow collector and a former WPNS member, Raymond Rennick. There is a nice video tribute to Ray on the Funeral Home page (http://www.petersfamilyfuneralhomes.com/notices/Raymond-Rennick)

Mike passed along a bowl to collect some monetary donations to replenish supply of coffees we use during our meetings. The sum of $18 was collected.

After the business part was concluded, the meeting continued with the program during which Larry Hufnagel talked about Liberty Quarter Eagles.

Program was followed by the usual talk and show time, during which members shared information on new finds and purchases.

Concluding of the meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm.

Present: There were 13 members and 2 guests present

Respectfully submitted by Gosia Fort, Recording Secretary