Minutes from the WPNS meeting

held at Mount Lebanon United Methodist Church

on February 7th, 2017

The President, Corleen Chesonis called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm

Minutes from the previous meeting

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report

Larry gave the Treasurer’s Report for January. The report was approved as read.

Committee reports

There were no other committees’ reports.


Stuart reported receiving the bill for website hosting and Rich received some ads.

Old business

Corleen announced that the 2017 membership cards were distributed to the members who already had paid their dues for the year.

Ed reported that he have not called Brooklyn Gallery – Coins & Stamps yet.

Rich Crosby said that he still had about 140 WPNS medals and asked for ideas how to sell them. Couple of suggestions were offered:

  1. Give away some to Kid’s Coins program

  2. Give them away with WPNS programs next year

New Business

Tom suggested to post regularly information about WPNS meetings on PAN website, to which he has access. It was agreed that he will start doing this on behalf of the Society.

Rich Jewell announced that Ricky Young passed away.

Matt contacted Corleen before the meeting to inform her that he put orders for the ANA certificates for the speakers.

The business part of the meeting was followed by Tom Fort’s presentation on coins of two Roman dictators (Sulla and Marius) which was a diversion from a planned talk on the coinage of Charles I.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm.

There were 15 members present at the meeting.

Respectfully submitted by

Gosia Fort, Recording Secretary