Minutes from the WPNS meeting

held at Mount Lebanon United Methodist Church

on March 7th, 2017

The President, Corleen Chesonis called the meeting to order at 7:55 pm

Minutes from the previous meeting

Minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Larry gave the Treasurer’s Report for February. The report was approved as read.


Rich Crosby received a letter from Nicholas Garver who send a Gibraltar cent. Letter was read before the members.

Old business

Matt Campbell distributed the ANA Educational Awards to the following members who gave presentations for the WPNS: Dick Gaetano, Matt Campbell, Larry Hufnagel, Ed Krivoniak, Tom Fort and later, after the presentation, to Mike Drabick.

Stewart offered to post any past PowerPoint presentations sent to him on the Society’s website.

The discussion on the WPNS medals still in the possession of Rich Crosby continued from the last month. New suggestions were made:

  1. Give it to Pat McBride for PAN auction, list it as “keep it now” item with the $5 price tag. When the item sell, list another one.

  2. Offer several in a jar for a donation during PAN show

  3. Counter stamp them and sell them later. Action: Dick? will investigate the cost of counter stamping

  4. Offer them during the Central States Show. Since Tom Corey has a table there, Corleen suggested to take 5 medals from Rich this evening. Action: Tom will offer them for a donation at the show.

  5. Offer medals in a nice display setting (like pope medals). Action: Rich Crosby will talk with Tom Uram about cost of doing such a display.

New Business

This section of the meeting was dominated by the news of Tom Uram’s activities.

Phil Christ suggested that WPNS should consider endorsing Tom his attempt to run for the ANA Board of Governors. The motion was seconded and approved.

Phil brought the last two boxes with archival materials from WPNS which have not been moved to Tom Uram’s storage yet, with a request that someone else becomes their keeper. After a short discussion, Matt agreed to take them and deliver to the storage.

Tom Corey notified the members that he nominated Tom Uram for 3 out of many prestigious Service Awards offered by ANA. He also informed everyone that Tom was reappointed for the next 4 years to the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee.

The business part of the meeting was followed by Mike Drabick’s presentation on Fugio Cent.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:38 pm.

There were 15 members present at the meeting.

Respectfully submitted by

Gosia Fort, Recording Secretary