Minutes from the WPNS meeting

held at Mount Lebanon United Methodist Church

on May 2nd, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 8:03 pm.

Minutes from the previous meeting

Minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Larry gave the Treasurer’s Report for April. The report was approved as read. It is attached to the Minutes.

Corleen requested from the Treasurer the updated list of members who had already paid the dues, so she could print the membership cards.


Rich Crosby reported on the correspondence received in the past month. There was information about the cost of membership in ANA since ANA is pushing for new members. The letter was passed on to Matt Campbell. There were also two letters of solicitation for support of numismatists running for the Board of Governors.

Tom Uram interjected to thank everyone for the WPNS endorsement he received for his run for the Board of Governors.

Old business

Ted Shiff raised the question of the next meeting’s location, since WPNS pays the United Methodist Church for 10 months only, we cannot meet in the usual place. Corleen informed everyone that Skip offered to host the June meeting at the Tarentum Museum.

Rich Crosby mentioned that he pursued the idea of designing a nice packaging for the WPNS medal to make it more saleable and Tom talked briefly about what would be done to create it.

New business

Corleen said that Nick Graver who cannot attend our meetings, was interested in knowing what is going on. She suggested that Gosia could send minutes from the meeting to Rich Crosby who would distribute them with announcement of the next meeting. Larry Korchnak remarked that it is acceptable as long as the minutes go only to active members. There was a brief discussion whether we want to send the minutes to not active members and those who do not pay membership dues. Stewart suggested creating a new item on the WPNS website and post the minutes for the public. Gosia suggested that we post on the website only the minutes which were had been already approved. Corleen summarized the action plan: Gosia will send minutes to Rich, who will attach them to the monthly meeting announcement. Stewart will hold on to the minutes and post them to the website once they are approved.

Ed Krivoniak passed on Pat’s request for volunteers to help set up the PAN Show on Wednesday May, 10th. Corleen reminded everyone that PAN Show is next week and it will run Thursday May11th through Sunday May 13th, 2017.

Matt Campbell talked about PAN Online Auction and encourage members to participate. He mentioned the success of sales during the Central States Numismatic Society Coin Show.

Richard Jewell mentioned that both Tom Uram and Matt Campbell exhibited during that convention, and both of their exhibits were noticed and awarded the 3rd and 2nd place. In addition, Tom’s exhibit earned also the 1st place in People Choice Award category.

Tom Fort said that he began posting information about WPNS meeting on PAN Facebook page. We get many likes but no one new showed up at the meeting so far. He asked if we want to post information about the meeting in the Tarentum Museum. The consensus was that since we do not expect a sudden swarm of people attending the meeting, there is no harm in advertising it to the public.

Rich Crosby talked about the coin identification event organized annually during the National Coin Week by the North Hills Coin Club of Western Pennsylvania. The members identify and evaluate coins for general public but are not allowed to make offers.

Richard Jewell reported that the Clarion is in press and the new issue would be ready for the PAN Show. He asked for articles for the next issues.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:32 pm.

There were 17 members and 1 guest present at the meeting.

Respectfully submitted by

Gosia Fort, Recording Secretary