It is a tradition at WPNS for members to prepare written copies of their presentations before the Society. Over the years a number of interesting and informative presentations on numismatic topics have been preserved in our archives. Some of these are reprinted here. While the numismatic content may be outdated in some, any or all of the presentations may prove of interest to today's collectors and scholars.

To view a presentation, click on the title. Authors are listed by initials only, unless deceased or permission has been given.

The Kittanning Medal (or Armstrong Medal)
Dr. R.J. Hudson 1963/9/3

The Beaver Falls Cutlery Company Merchant Token
LK 1992/10/6

Odd Denominations in Early Pittsburgh Money
Wayne K. Homren 1987/5/7

Siege Coins, Part One - The History
LK 1994/9/6

Siege Coins, Part Two - The Coins
LK 1982/8/3

Military Payment Certificates
PMcB 1990/7/3

Wildlife Conservation Through Coins
CC (Date unknown)

The Parnassus Bank
CJC (Date unknown)

MTH 1995/7/4

The Coins of Tarentum
Robert S. Porter, Jr 1959/7/7

Pennsylvania Communion Tokens
CJC 1997/12/2

The S & L Mystery (Sharpsburg & Lawrenceville Bridge Token)
LD 1995/1/3

Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, Depression Scrip
LK (Date unknown)

My Adventures in Collecting Bank Notes from The Exchange Bank of Pittsburgh
RR (Date unknown)

Frank Vittor, Pittsburgh Sculptor (Designer of the Gettysburg Half Dollar)
Wayne K. Homren 1987